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What Makes Good Web Design

What Makes Good Web Design?

Web Design Chula VistaIt’s a good question with an answer you need to know. As you search for web design you should stop for a moment and ready through this article.  I’ve been in the website design business for over 15 years and during that time many things have changed. I’m talking about changes that include  web design pricing, advances in technology and everything in between.  So today, if you’re looking for tips on web design Kilkenny businesses need to incorporate into their websites, then you’re in luck.

  1. Good Usability – What is usability? It is the process by which visitors utilize your website.  This means your web design should include practices that are accepted as good standards for visitor interaction.  Simple things like making sure your logo is in the top left of your site, the phone number in the top right, and that you have your main messages above the page break of the site. These are just a few of the items for usability you need to include.
  2. Call to Action – This is kind of a no brainer but it’s amazing how many people  (and even web designers) forget to incorporate a call to action into their web pages. If you’re selling something or offering a service you’d better include a call to action. Simple phrases like “Start Here”, “Click Here for Whatever”, “Next” are all calls to action. Don’t forget them!
  3. Audience Content Targeting – This means speaking the language of the visitors you expect to have to your website. This can include anything from making sure you’re not speaking “industry slang” to your consumer or even “techno babble” to someone looking to purchase shoes. Make sure you’re addressing the right crowd with the right language.
  4. Offer Something Unique – You have to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Take us for example. We sell web design Chula Vista businesses should buy, and need to differentiate our service offering from everyone else out there. We differentiate ourselves by offering particular services included in our website design (like video production) than other companies do.  That’s unique. Most don’t and won’t do it.
  5. Try to Close the Sale – Don’t let the opportunity of having a visitor to your website easily slip away. Create incentives for consumers to choose your service.

This is, by the way, one of the main differences between the web design service we do for Kilkenny businesses and others. We think about capturing the sale or lead for every client we work with. Just ask Barry Evans of  So-Cal Business Brokers. He’s a client who came to us for a website and advertising. He didn’t initially follow our advice and and struggled to make sales. Finally after seeing his methods weren’t working he listed to us and is now receiving tons of leads for his business.

So think about the things that make good web design. It’s more important than just having a nice picture or pretty site.

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Cheap Website Design – Is it Worth It?

Cheap Website Design


Cheap Website Design

What’s Best for You?

Here’s a scenario for you to contemplate. You’re a business just starting out. You realize a website is a necessity but you’re on a limited budget and you don’t have a lot of money (or time) to spend. But right now in your mind you’re thinking Cheap Website Design. So here’sthe question for you. What’s your biggest concern? If saving money is the biggest factor for you then there are a few options available for you that might make sense. If ease of mind, lack of frustration, and high quality are concerns for you then there’s options too.

Options for Cheap Website Design

  1. Website Builder – (Typical Costs: $69-$100/yr) You can use  a website builder through a hosting company like imsmb.com offers.  With website builders you have to select from  templates that might fit your needs. You will then fill in the words, possibly change some images in them, and launch your website.
    • Pros – this is a cheap solution and will save you money.
    • Cons – you will end up with something like everyone else has and potentially without needed features
  2. Template Design – (Typical Costs: $150-$495) You can obtain a template (like  a WordPress theme) and have it modified.  This is the next best money saving option for you. In this case a designer will help you select a theme to begin the basis of your website on and then will modify it for you. No layout or structure changes will be made. All the walls of the theme will stay in the same place as the theme you purchased but the theme will be modified to suit the your business specifically.
    • Pros – this is still relatively cheap to have done and you won’t end up looking like everyone else
    • Cons – it is not a custom design so you’ll have to settle for the general layout and look of the theme and features it offers (unless you pay for additional features to be added). You may also be stuck with some theme that incorporates plugins that can be either susceptible to hacking or incompatible with your site look/feel.
  3. Custom Web Design – (Typical Costs: $995-$5,000) This is a straight top to bottom custom build that does not require you to settle for anything. You’re able to get quoted what you want and know your pricing before starting it.
    • Pros – you will get exactly what you want/like.  You will also get to have recommendations from a designer who can tell you how visitors interact with a website and why it’s important to place certain things in certain positions, utilize certain colors on the site, and how to craft your website structure and flow. You can usually get e-commerce provided with custom design.
    • Cons – you will most certainly pay more money for this than either of the other two options and it will take a bit longer to get done.

This at least gives you a price range so you can understand what you get if you’re thinking to get cheap web design.

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