Getting Your Kilkenny Website Ready for Marketing
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Getting Your Kilkenny Website Ready for Marketing

Getting Your Kilkenny Website Ready for Marketing

Once you create a website the next step is to get it ready to advertise it.  Did I say “Get it ready to advertise”?  Yup.  When your website is created it doesn’t always mean it’s ready to be what it needs to be. There are things you need to consider prior to marketing your website:

  • Who is your audience? – This is an important piece to determine. If you’re marketing to consumers or businesses? If it’s retail or wholesale? Whomever your target audience is make sure you speak their language to them directly.
  • Marketing Your Chula Vista Business WebsiteWhat is  your website goal? – This is a point that many website owners miss.  Your website should have a goal. Whether that goal is to generate leads, sell a product, gather email addresses, or something else. Make sure you establish goals for your site and strive for them.
  • Does your website meet at least minimum SEO requirements? – If you’re looking to get ranked on the Internet to drive some of that highly desired traffic you’d better make sure you have your “on-page” items done.
  • Are there “Calls to Action” on your website? – If not, then what are you doing even having a website at all? Every site needs a call to action even if you’re just providing information. A call to action on an informational website can even be something as simple as “Find out More” with a link to more content. Use them.
  • Is your website Responsive? – Responsive means the website sizes down appropriately to display well on whatever device is being used to view it. Some refer to this as Mobile Friendly but that’s just a part of it. Google doesn’t like your site if it’s not Responsive. Make sure it is because besides Google, consumers don’t want to have to pinch to see stuff anymore.
  • Have you created Social Media sharing icons on the site? – If not, then get it done. Getting people to share your website is free marketing for you. Give them the opportunity to do it easily.


These are just a few of the items to consider before you launch your marketing initiatives. Consider them before you market your website or you might just be wasting your marketing dollars!

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